Can I fill out my PDP review online?

Yes, click here to access the review forms.  Once you fill them out, save it, then email them to me at with the subject line as “PDP review.”

What form do I need to have you act as my agent for the ACA?

Download the form here.

How to prepare for the death of a family member? (click here)

Please make sure you have life insurance for yourself and all your loved ones! As an independent agency, we can shop around to get you the best price for your individual situation.  Call me at (417) 838-7023 to discuss your individual situation.  Use this link for yourself and make copies for all your loved ones of this worksheet to keep everything in order when it is time to write YOUR END!

Does the Beneficiary pay taxes on a Life Insurance death benefit?

Life insurance is usually not taxable, however there are some exceptions that are important to consider regarding any life insurance policy and benefit.

Most of the time, a life insurance benefit is paid to the beneficiary in a lump sum, done in this way it is not taxable. However, if the beneficiary elects to receive the policy amount in installments and any interest is accrued, they will pay taxes on the accrued interest.

An example would be: Bob is the beneficiary of a $250,000 death benefit that earns 10% interest for one year before being paid out. Bob will owe income taxes on the $25,000 in interest growth.

Is Life Insurance subject to Estate taxes?

The death benefit of a life insurance policy is typically paid directly to the beneficiaries named. In the case that the benefit is included in the estate, it is subject to potential Federal and State estate taxes if it is above the tax exemption amount:

  • The Federal exemption is currently $12.92 million for a single person, and nearly $26 million for a married couple.
  • About a dozen states have state estate taxes with exemptions varying between $1 million and $9.1 million.

If the death benefit amount is above these exemptions, any amount above the threshold would be subject to estate taxes.

How do people know if they need to change Medicare plans?

People should shop their plans each year to make sure their plans will still meet their needs for the following year. If they’re satisfied that their current plans will meet their needs for next year and it’s still being offered, they don’t need to do anything.  If, not we will show the options available in your area for you to chose.

How do I sign up for Part B?

The form you need to fill out is CMS-40B and the form for your HR office/Employer to fill out is CMS-L564_508
Complete the first section of the CMS-L564_508 form so that the employer can find and complete the information about your coverage and the employment of the person
through which you have that health coverage.


How do I set up Medicare Easy-Pay?

By completing and returning the Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Payments form (SF-5510), you’re authorizing the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Federal agency that runs the Medicare program, to deduct your monthly Medicare premium from your bank account.  Send the completed form to:
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Medicare Premium Collection Center
P.O. Box 979098
St. Louis, MO 63197-9000

How much should I get for my final expense policy?

It’s important to discuss a topic that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late: funeral costs. Final expenses are important because it helps individuals and their families plan for and cover the costs associated with end-of-life expenses. When someone passes away, there are various expenses that need to be taken care of, including funeral and burial or cremation costs, medical bills, outstanding debts, legal fees, and other related expenses.  Funeral expenses in the United States average $8,132 per person, accounting for around 12.1% of annual income. These figures, based on data from the National Funeral Directors Association and the CDC, highlight the “cost of dying” in the US in 2020.

It’s crucial to be aware of these numbers and start planning ahead. Financial preparedness can alleviate some of the burden on our loved ones during a difficult time. Let’s have open discussions and consider options like pre-planning, funeral insurance, or other alternatives to ease the financial strain.

Remember, it’s not just about the money, but also ensuring that our final wishes are respected and our loved ones can focus on honoring our memory without unnecessary stress.  Call me at (417) 838-7023 for more information.

Is an annuity right for me?

Annuities provide safe, tax-deferred growth of your retirement nest egg… but the returns you should expect depend on your age, assets & location. Find out today if an annuity might be a good fit for you.  Call me at (417) 838-7023.

What is a Fixed Index Annuity? Annuities are a contract you purchase from an insurance company to help you accumulate assets for retirement. They offer several ways to generate income. Call me today at (417) 838-7023 to discuss what is good for your situation.

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